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Buddha and Goddess of Mercy
  • Chinese Buddhist Art Modeling
    Buddhism may have been known in China as early as the second century B.C., and centers with foreign monks, who served as teachers and translators, were established in China by the second century A.D. Early representations of Buddhas are sometimes found in tombs dating to the second and third century; however, there is little evidence for widespread production and use of images until the fourth century, when a divided China, particularly the north, was often under the control of non–Han Chinese individuals from Central Asia. In addition to freestanding sculptures, numerous images were also carved in cave-temples at sites such as Dunhuang, Yungang, and Longmen. Also found in India and Central Asia, these man-made cave-temples range from simple chambers to enormous complexes that include living quarters for monks and visitors.
  • Chinese Goddess Of Mercy Painting
    Chinese Goddess Of Mercy Painting The Chinese Painting Book - How To Draw Guanyin ( Goddess of Mercy ), 33 Pages
  • Chinese Goddess Of Mercy Art
    Chinese Goddess Of Mercy Art This is a great little book on how to draw Chinese Goddess Of Mercy. This book is full of finely detailed single line outlines - perfect flash - and special attention is paid to the difficult parts, like hands and elaborately detailed accessories. All in all a great, no nonsense reference book.
  • Chinese Buddha Statues
    This is a great "how to" guide to drawing Kannon, the chinese goddess of mercy. This books walks you through key areas like hand position, finger details, veil flow, accessories. It is completely worth it's weight in gold and it is out of print so whether you do a lot of Buddhist imagery or are just getting your feet wet, I am positive this book can teach you a thing or two.